If you have arrived here, you will notice that some changes are made in controlpaths.com, but the most important changes are behind. Controlpaths is now based on Jekyll, which allows me to write my posts using Markdown, with all the advantages that this brings to me like code highlight and LaTeX rendering. Also, one of the most important things, now my blog is stored in a GitHub repository, so I don’t have to worry about backups of my posts.

It has been a long trip to have the blog ready. First of all, all the posts, 75 until now, have been reviewed and converted to Markdown. All the images have been stored in the repository, including for all of them a name and a caption (almost 1000 images), and 3 different blog versions later, this is the final result.

On the top-right of the blog, you will find the links for social and also the tags list page and an About me where you will find who am I and how I arrived here. Finally, at the bottom of the home page, you will find a new section where you can find what I have named Application notes. Articles written using one or several blog posts that contains all the information about a topic. The first one is Designing from zero an IIR filter in Verilog using biquad structure and bilinear discretization., where you can find all the steps to design and implement an IIR filter using Verilog.

Hope you like this new format. If you want to give me some feedback you can use the comments or write to the email you will find at the bottom.