I studied in the Polytechnic University of Valencia a degree in Industrial Electronics (2007 - 2012), with some subjects from telecommunications engineering. When I finished my degree I started an internship in the Electronics department of the university. During 2 years I worked developing and implementing algorithms for power electronics devices used in wind turbines. I developed the control of a 6 kW battery charger based on an active full bridge rectifier, and also I participated in the development of an active breaker system to control the speed of the wind turbines in emergency cases. All of these developments are implemented in a C2000 DSP from Texas Instruments. At the same time I developed a speed and torque control for a DC motor in an FPGA, developing from the acquisition to the regulator design in MATLAB and the implementation in VHDL.


Once I finished my internship at the university, I started to work in a company as a DSP developer. The company designs and manufactures low and medium voltage speed drives and grid connected inverters up to 4 MVA. During a year I developed the middleware and communications protocols for power electronic devices over a TI C2000 device. Then, a vacancy in the FPGA group was released and from 2015 I work as principal designer for the solar inverters. My responsibilities are the implementation of the control algorithms and the design, the implementation of the acquisition and filtering of all the signals needed for the control of the power stage, and the implementation of the modulation schemas for the power stages. I am currently working in the control of a three phase three level ANPC power stage, controlled with a current loop and bus balance control.

In addition to my job, since I was in the university, after classes I developed and shared electronic projects in some pages. In 2012 I wrote a blog in Spanish about microcontrollers and TI DSP. The blog, although it is not active, it is still online. In March 2020, I started to write a new blog about FPGA and digital signal processing, controlpaths. This blog is written in english and I have collaborated with some companies developing projects for their development boards (Digilent, Microchip), and also writing posts for other blogs. In addition, articles written by me have been published in electronic magazines like this and this. Besides the articles that I publish in my blog, I also have published some projects in hackster, and a whitepaper for Digilent.

Because of my job and the posts I write in the blog, I am reading continuously about digital signal processing and FPGA. I also have taken courses from DSPRelated about digital signal processing for software radio and python for digital signal processing and a course from Xilinx about Vivado Design suite. In addition to the courses I have taken, I am a teacher of a subject about digital signal processing in a degree in Valencia University and have presented some courses to other job mates about SoC and documentation with Sphinx and Git.